O Melhor Bolo de Chocolate do Mundo, Best Chocolate Cake in the World

The Best Chocolate Cake in the World – The Name Says It All

Carlos Lopes Bras calls it The Best Chocolate Cake in the World. Hmmm, at Portugal Confidential we like to think we know a lot about what is “the best”…and especially with regard to chocolate! We think Bras’ statement seems quite bold. So, we set out to investigate….
obidos chocolate festival

Oppidum Ginja de Óbidos – Drink a Ginja, Eat the Cup

Ginja are funny little fruit. They look like cherries. They grow on trees like cherries. They have pits like cherries. But, ginja are much more sour than cherries. This bitterness really makes the fruit almost inedible. Yet, today, a liquor produced using this fruit is a traditional favorite among Portuguese. And, the makers of Oppidum Ginga de Óbidos have helped create a national obsession.

Claus Porto – Traditional Luxury for Your Body

One of the coolest body products to hit Europe and North America in the last few years is produced in the oldest soap-making factory in Portugal! Claus Porto, a company established in 1887 in Porto...
Jars of Sunlight

Carbon Zero Catalog – Shop & Save the Planet at the Same Time

Portugal Confidential attended a hip little dinner party last night. Out on the terrace were these very cool glowing “lanterns”. Upon closer inspection, we learned they were actually clever little jars engineered with solar panels and LED lights. Portugal Confidential was very impressed. That’s when a guest spoke up and introduced the Carbon Zero Online shop and Catalog.
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Caniço Restaurant – Breathtaking Views by Day, Beach Party at Night

Caniço is not a secret, but you really will have had to hear about it to know it. The restaurant does very little advertising. They don’t need to. It is very popular with the Portuguese who come here for the great food, party atmosphere, but primarily, its spectacular location.