LisbonWeek 2015 alvalade

LisbonWeek 2015 – Culture of Modernist Alvalade, 10-19 April

The third edition of the fabulous cultural festival LisbonWeek runs 10-19 April. In 2015, the festival is set around ultimate modernist city in Lisbon, Alvalade. This co-production between ACTU (Associação Cultural e Turística Urbana), Lisbon’s City Council and Alvalade Town Council,...
aveiro museu arte nova arte nouveau museum

Art Nouveau Museum & Casa de Chá in Aveiro

The Museum of Art Nouveau (Museu Arte Nova) in Aveiro is the coolest new stop on the Portugal cultural scene. The museum resides in the Casa Major Pessoa, one of the most architecturally admired buildings in the city. Building design is attributed to architects Silvia Rocha and Ernest Korrodi.

A World of Art Underground – Lisbon’s Metro Stations

Lisbon is indeed a beautiful city choc full of traditional architecture, azulejos (tiles) murals and calçada streets. Contemporary architecture seems to shoot up overnight and adding to the rich culture of the city. Yet, not too many people notice the unique architecture and vibrant artwork of the underground spaces we know as the Metro.
mima house prefabricated modular housing

Mima House – Modern, Modular & Moderately Priced

The project is the brainchild of Portuguese architects Mário Sousa and Marta Brandão. Over a period of five years, they endeavored to design a single object that could be produced quickly, that is flexible, light and cheap, and good quality product. And so, the Mima house was concept was born.

Hotel Palacete Chafariz d’el Rei – A Grand Palace That’s Hip & Cool

Trust Portugal Confidential on this one….the coolest new place to stay in Lisbon is Palacete Chafariz d’el Rei. Resting on a hillside in the artistic Alfama District, this restored grand palacete (small palace) offers one of the most romantic and unique experiences in the city. With only a few expansive suites, in a building of opulent salons and manicured gardens, you will feel as though you have the luxurious mansion to yourself.
Serralves Gardens & Villa

Serralves Museum & Gardens – Contemporary Art in Porto

Porto is home to a world-class museum of contemporary art. Opened in 1999, the Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art displays cutting-edge international art in a striking minimalist building by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Alvaro Siza Vieira.