Duck & Tales Aveiro bar lounge,

Duck & Tales – Swanky Lounge for Signature Cocktails in Aveiro

Looking for unique delicious spirits in a swanky ambiance along the iconic canals of Aveiro? We’ve got your place. It’s Duck & Tales, a cool cocktail bar, with a smart late 1930’s/early 1940’s vibe and truly inspired signature drinks. Imagine post prohibition/pre-tiki period...
salpoente aveiro portuguese cuisine bacalhau,

Salpoente – Specializing in Bacalhau in Aveiro

Salpoente is a beautiful fusion of the best of traditional Portuguese tastes and flavors, prepared and served as chic, contemporary cuisine. Here, the treasured bacalhau (cod fish) is celebrated with a variety of innovative modern dishes by emerging chef Duarte Eira. The space itself is a former salt warehouse, transformed into a sophisticated cultural space for art, food and fun. Salpoente is on the...
ovos moles Aveiro Maria da Apresentação da Cruz

Ovos Moles of Aveiro

Ovos moles are sweets, originating in the convents, made of egg yolks and sugar, wrapped in a thin wheat crust (the same dough used for “Hosts” in Catholic Masses). The sweets are molded into shapes symbolic of the Aveiro region, such as clams, mussels, fish, crabs, barrels, sea buoy, walnuts and chestnuts.
o bairro aveiro tiago santos

Emerging Master Chef in Aveiro – Tiago Santos

Step aside, celebrity chefs of Lisbon. Make way, Michelin star chefs of the Algarve. There’s a hot, enthusiastic, young creative chef in central Portugal who’s quickly becoming one of the country’s top talents on the culinary scene. He is Tiago Santos, Head Chef of O Bairro restaurant in Aveiro.
o bairro restaurant aveiro, chef tiago santos,

O Bairro – Modern Neighborhood Cuisine in Aveiro

One of the hottest new restaurants in Portugal is a small little neighborhood spot in Aveiro. It’s called O Bairro. Sitting on a street corner, across the walk from the city fish market, this quaint little eatery is full most nights. Word is quickly spreading about its creative gourmet cuisine at crisis-friendly prices.
luis queimadela uno, public art aveiro,

Public Art of Luís Queimadela in Aveiro

For those who love the artistry of urban landscapes, the city of Aveiro is a fantastic feast for the eyes. As you walk around the city center, you can’t help but notice an impressive collection of contemporary public art. These square-face, block-body sculptures are the works of Luis Queimadela.

What’s Cool about Central Portugal 2 – Day 4

Today, we’re going to learn more about two important local products….ovos moles and ceramics. Ovos Moles are sweets that have been delighting Portuguese for hundreds of years. They were first made in convents with only the two basic ingredients, sugar and egg yolks. We will get a close-up view of the production process….and hopefully, participate in the quality assurance taste testing!!
What's Cool about Central Portugal Road Trip 2 - Day 3

What’s Cool about Central Portugal 2 – Day 3

Tuesday was awesome. We can’t thank our gracious hosts at the Museu de Lanificios, Atelier de Miguel Gigante and WoolFest  in Colvihla enough. We also toured a super secret new project in development in Manteig...