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Historic Villages of Central Portugal

This collection of historic villages located on the eastern side of Central Portugal provides a unique escape from hectic urban life. Each village has its own distinctive character and is worthy of a day trip, weekend get-away or extended holiday.
Casa da Cisterna, Castelo Rodrigo

Casa da Cisterna – Cool Retreat in Castelo Rodrigo

The story of Casa da Cisterna is one that we all have fantasized. Married couple, Ana and Antonio, quit their hectic urban life to move to the country and open a small hotel. They bought several small buildings in the village of Castelo Rodrigo to build a home for themselves, as well as rooms for travelers in need of a peaceful retreat.

What’s Cool about Central Portugal – Day 3

Olá Amigos - well, we are finally able to sit down for a moment and write about the road trip so far. Two situations have prevented us from updating: 1) limited Internet connection in the cool spots of Marialva and Castelo Rodrigo; and, 2) Silvia at Centro de Portugal has a jam-packed itinerary. So much to see and do....