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Quinta São Luiz – Elegant Dining near Coimbra

Recently, we visited a remarkable restaurant just a 15-minute drive west of Coimbra in central Portugal. It’s Quinta São Luiz in Pereira. With elegant modern décor, delicious cuisine and exemplary service, Quinta São Luiz is a highly-recommended, sophisticated dining experience.
Villa Pedra Natural Houses

Villa Pedra Natural Houses – Vintage Village, Modern Homes, Your Sanctuary

Wouldn’t it be a luxury to escape to a place that captures the serenity and charm of an old-world village, yet offers the comfort and security of 21st century amenities? It’s possible. Villa Pedra Natural Houses, just south of Coimbra in central Portugal, is a true sanctuary where quaint and quiet meets contemporary comfort.
Biblioteca Joanina at the University of Coimbra in Central Portugal

Biblioteca Joanina – Grand & Historic Library in Coimbra

Who would guess that Portugal has some of the most interesting and awe-inspiring spaces devoted to books? Porto is home to the most beautiful bookstore in the world, Livraria Lello. But, the University of Coimbra in Central Portugal is the location for one of the world’s grandest and unique libraries, the Biblioteca Joanina.

What’s Cool about Central Portugal 2 – Day 4

Today, we’re going to learn more about two important local products….ovos moles and ceramics. Ovos Moles are sweets that have been delighting Portuguese for hundreds of years. They were first made in convents with only the two basic ingredients, sugar and egg yolks. We will get a close-up view of the production process….and hopefully, participate in the quality assurance taste testing!!
What's Cool about Central Portugal Roadtrip - Day 4

What’s Cool about Central Portugal – Day 4

Bom dia! Day four begins with sunrise at Pehnas Douradas in Serra da Estrella. A gorgeous, sunny, cool windy morning in the moutains. We will start the day with breakfast at the restaurant in Casas das Penhas Douradas, then take a quick walk around the grounds to see the cool contemporary architecture in the morning sun.
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Checking Out Coimbra – The University

Our lovely, personable and knowledgeable guide for the trip, Silvia Aires from Turismo Centro de Portugal, set our agenda to start at the University of Coimbra. This also happens to be the highest point in the city. This hilltop positioning is no accident. Not only is height an excellent vantage point to see all of Coimbra and the River Mondego, but it is also a symbolic reference to the importance knowledge and education is placed in the heritage and pride of the Portuguese people.

10 Intriguing Cemeteries of Portugal

In honor of All Saints’ Day (1 November), Portugal Confidential is checking out cemeteries across the country. Whether you consider cemeteries sacred or macabre, these bone yards are interesting, historically cool, sometimes significant, and often, architecturally amazing.