Wool Museum (Museu de Lanifícios) in Covilhã

For centuries, Covilhã was an important city in the region for the production and manufacturing of wool for clothes, coats and blankets. Shepherds from the nearby mountain of Serra da Estrela brought wool they ...

Cheese Museum (Museu do Queijo) in Covilhã

Cheese lovers of all ages will love the Cheese Museum (Museu do Queijo) in Covilhã, central Portugal. Central Portugal is well-known for the locally-produced cheeses, particularly from Serra da Estrela towns o...
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WOOL Urban Art Festival: Pantónio & Samina Works in Covilhã

Thanks to WOOL: The Urban Art Festival of Covilhã, the central Portugal city has become a showcase for intriguing works by national and international street artists. Just recently, 20-26 October, a special edition of WOOL saw two internationally known Portuguese artists transform the façades of two traditional buildings into large format...
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Museu de Lanifícios – A Cultural History of Wool in Covilhã

Today, the Wool Museum in Covilhã, documents this unique and interesting industry. The motto at the Wool Museum is “the thread from the past weaving the future.” It is an apropos description for, not only what visitors can expect to see in the exhibition, but also for the current state of the wool trade in the area.
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Miguel Gigante – Atelier de Burel in Covilhã

Miguel Gigante, a designer from central Portugal, creates fashion garments and home décor made of wool. He is passionate about Burel, and so are the quickly increasing numbers of clients who snatch up products under his Atelier de Burel, Cool Natura, and Miguel Gigante labels.
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Wool – Urban Art Festival of Covilhã

For the last few centuries, the city of Covilhã on the southern slopes of Serra da Estrela, in the district of Castelo Branco, has been known primarily for wool manufacturing. Yet, in the last few years, Covilhã has emerged...
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What’s Cool about Central Portugal 2 – Day 2

For today, we are driving to Covilhã. There, we will visit the Museu dos Lanificios da Universidade da Beira Interior, then drop in on the atelier of designer Miguel Gigante. After lunch, we’ll head up to Mantiegas in the Serra da Estrella Mountains to tour the Burel factory.