cristina jorge de carvalho atelier

Contemporary & Cool Furniture of Cristina Jorge de Carvalho

Portugal has a rich heritage of creating fine, high-quality products, from footwear and clothing, to wine and ceramics. Furniture production is also an industry where craftsmanship reigns supreme. Add a touch of inspired design and you’ve got a chic and beautiful line of innovative furniture.
experimental design 2015 biennale lisbon porto

EXD 15 – Experimental Design Biennale, through 20 December

See what’s new, innovative and exciting in the world of Portuguese art and design at Experimentadesign 2015. EXD 15, as it is better known, is an international biennale featuring design, architecture, and cultural and creative socioeconomic projects. Events, exhibitions, conferences and discussions take place in venues throughout Lisbon, Porto and Matosinhos. EXD 15 runs from 12 November to 20 December.
Concept Fashion Design 2015

Concept Fashion Design Exhibition – Lisbon, 28-29 November

There’s no lack of creativity in Portugal. From fashion and product design, to photography and painting, the innovation in Portugal is as rich as its heritage. That’s why, on the weekend of 28-29 November, creativity is celebrated at the semi-annual event Concept Fashion Design. With a focus to promote emerging artists and designers outside of the main stream, organizers hope to bring consumer...
teddies by ana joao, teddy bear inspired jewelry, made in portugal,

Teddies by Ana João – Porcelain Teddy Bear-Inspired Jewelry

Utilizing Ana João’s designs, traditional goldsmiths in the north of Portugal handcraft each piece in the collection. Teddies are made of porcelain and, at the moment, are available in white, pink, black and cobalt. A Swarovsky crystal is ....

Ikea’s “A Vida em Casa” at MUDE in Lisbon, through 30 November

Home life is much the same all over the world. Whether in a penthouse apartment, a suburban house, country bungalow or coastal beach house, people have the same dreams and needs. They must eat, sleep, live, bathe, dress, cook and need lots of space for storage! Ikea knows this better than anyone...