dino alves lisbon fashion week verao 2017

ModaLisboa TOGETHER – Spring | Summer 2017 – Dino Alves

The Dino Alves Show is always fun, flirty, fantastical and, or yeah, fashionable! For Spring | Summer 2017, Alves provides another “f”…as in “flourishes”! Big, puffy sleeves are the hero of short blouses. Tulle is used to create sleeves,...
Dino Alves - ModaLisboa KISS

ModaLisboa KISS | Winter 2017 – Dino Alves

For Winter 2017, Dino Alves creates a new social class. Out is palaces, crowns and jewelry; in is integrity, good character and strong values. This is the new nobility. Frills and ruffles denote this high society, as do decorative elements and edges borrowed from baroque design.
ModaLisboa Kiss, lisbon Fashion Week

ModaLisboa KISS – Lisbon Fashion Week, Fall/Winter 16/17

A kiss is something that never goes out of style. So, to celebrate their 25th anniversary, ModaLisboa (also known as Lisbon Fashion Week) is sending out kisses to designers, manufacturers, retailers and fashionistas. ModaLisboa KISS, a showcase of Portuguese designer collections for Fall/Winter 16/17 is set for 10-13 March at Paáio da Galé.
Dino Alves - ModaLisboa TIMERS

ModaLisboa THE TIMERS | Summer 2016 – Dino Alves

Sometimes, the creative process of the fashion designer involves drawing out a concept, looking at it from afar, then scribbling it out in dissatisfaction, and crumpling the paper before throwing it in the trash. Sometimes, the mere act of scribbling and crumpling are forms of art themselves. THAT is the concept behind Dino Alves’ ...