hotel rio do Prado Óbidos Portugal

Rio do Prado – Chic & Sustainable Retreat in Óbidos

Rio do Prado is a hotel with a specific intention: get away from your stressful life and enjoy a comfortable modern retreat strategically set to take advantage of all the calming benefits of nature. Located an hour north of Lisbon and just a kilometer away from the Óbidos lagoon, the hotel offers experiences catering to physical and emotional needs while staying true to a sustainable environment.
baco model fireplace glamm fire

Glamm Fire – Modern Design Fireplaces for the Eco-Friendly Home

Let’s face it, a fireplace elicits a plethora of feel-good emotions. It is cozy and comfortable on long winter nights. It is warm and welcoming when stepping in from the rain. It is sexy and sizzling for those hot intimate moments. It’s no wonder a fireplace is the focal point of any room. And now, a Portuguese company has ...
tote bags purses shower curtains, eco-friendly products, fernanda pereira

Eco-Bags from Fernanda Pereira – Old Shower Curtains Go Designer Chic

Portugal Confidential loves to come across new products that are not only beautifully designed and chic, but also play a role in saving our environment. Portuguese designer Fernanda Pereira has created super-cool new fashion accessories made from…your grandmother’s shower curtains!!
Tela Bags, recycled products, eco-friendly fashion

Tela Bags – From Total Trash to Trendy Tote

The landfill’s loss is your trendy treasure. One remarkable Portuguese company is turning trash into fashion accessories. At Tela Bags, their mantra is “we turn waste into ideas.”
oon candlemaker tealight system

Oon Candlemaker – Beautiful Candles from Used Cooking Oil

You gotta love a company whose mantra is “We make people love their waste.” Oon Home Recycling Solutions is a Lisbon-based company developing innovative products to help us get more from our trash! Their first solution: the Oon Candlemaker. Transform your old cooking oil into fragrant decorative candles.
Jars of Sunlight

Carbon Zero Catalog – Shop & Save the Planet at the Same Time

Portugal Confidential attended a hip little dinner party last night. Out on the terrace were these very cool glowing “lanterns”. Upon closer inspection, we learned they were actually clever little jars engineered with solar panels and LED lights. Portugal Confidential was very impressed. That’s when a guest spoke up and introduced the Carbon Zero Online shop and Catalog.