Zhang Lei China

World Press Photo 2016 in Maia, 18 Nov to 8 Dec

It´s not an exaggeration to say that many emotional events and provocative issues have taken place on this planet in the last year. Fortunately, the world´s photojournalists have documented this occasions for us to visualize, consider and reflect. The World Press Photo organization selects...
alain bertrand, conrad algarve, artcatto loule,

Alain Bertrand’s “Americana” at Conrad Algarve

From jazz and yellow cabs, to muscle cars and vintage warplanes, Alain Bertrand captures early 20th Century USA in mesmerizing brushstrokes. A new collection of paintings presented by ArtCatto Gallery at the Conrad Algarve serve as a visual postcard of 1940’s to 1960’s America.
Richard Gaspar, Mona Ideas,

Ricardo Gaspar “Vaissandando” at Mona Ideas Store, Lisbon

"My father told an anecdote,” explains Portuguese artist Ricardo Gaspar, “about a man entering a madhouse, closing all of the doors and windows, and saying ‘Finally! I can protect myself from all of the wackiness out there!’” Gaspar further illustrates this sentiment in his new exhibition entitled Vaissandando ...
duma private gallery portugal

She Exhibition at Conrad Algarve, thru 4 September

A very special art event will run through Summer 2016 at Conrad Algarve. Presented by Lisbon-based Private Gallery, the exhibition entitled she is an artistic examination of the female form, persona and mystique.
Andy Warhol, "Nine Jackies"

Sonnabend Collection, Part 1 at Serralves in Porto, through 8 May

Ileana Sonnabend is considered one of the most influential art dealers of the last half of the Twentieth Century. She amassed a collection of contemporary art covering numerous movements, from pop art and minimalism, to arte povera and nouveau realism. The Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art inaugurates a major exhibition...