A Cevicheria Kiko Martins Lisbon Lisboa,

A Cevicheria – Fish by Kiko Martins in Lisbon

What do you get when you blend Portuguese inspiration with a traditional Peruvian dish, a dash of contemporary fish market décor and a large dose of an enthusiastic and engaging chef? Easy answer. It’s A Cevicheria by Chef Kiko Martins in Príncipe Real neighborhood of Lisbon, a hot spot for fresh fish with a modern fish market ambiance.
Peixaria da Esquina Vitor Sobral lisbon portugal

Peixaria da Esquina – Fresh, Cured & Marinated Fish by Vitor Sobral

Never one to stay still for too long, Portugal celebrity chef Vitor Sobral is changing things up once again. He has evolved his Cevejaria da Esquina, focusing on shellfish, into Peixaria da Esquina, expanding his menu to include fresh fish, cured fish and marinated fish dishes. Peixaria da Esquina is on Rua Correia Teles in Campo de Ourique in Lisbon.