luis carvalho lisbon fashion week verao 2017

ModaLisboa TOGETHER – Spring | Summer 2017 – Luís Carvalho

Quick, grab your gold lame and one should tops and join us at the disco. For Spring | Summer 2017, Luís Carvalho borrows some stylings from the 70’s in his collection called “Heart of Glass”. Contrasting silhouettes such as crop and long, and skinny and extra large reign supreme.
Luis Carvalho - ModaLisboa Kiss

ModaLisboa KISS | Winter 2017 – Luís Carvalho

Glossy ice crystals and dark Nordic nights provide the inspiration for Luís Carvalho’s Winter 2017 collection at ModaLisboa KISS. Elegant city and evening wear get a sleek and shiny frosty interpretation. Classic structure and bulky coats generate warmth on a cold winter night.
luis carvalho modalisboa the timers lisbon fashion week summer 2016

ModaLisboa THE TIMERS | Summer 2016 – Luís Carvalho

One can always count on Luís Carvalho for a classic sensibility with a heavy dose of inspired surprises, and his collection for Spring/Summer 2016 at ModaLisboa THE TIMERS does not waver from this aesthetic. For women, long flowing goddess gowns are ideal for the resort or terrace party. Short dresses (sometimes asymmetrical) are fun and flirty for city. Menswear in gray and black are comfy and