Richard Gaspar, Mona Ideas,

Ricardo Gaspar “Vaissandando” at Mona Ideas Store, Lisbon

"My father told an anecdote,” explains Portuguese artist Ricardo Gaspar, “about a man entering a madhouse, closing all of the doors and windows, and saying ‘Finally! I can protect myself from all of the wackiness out there!’” Gaspar further illustrates this sentiment in his new exhibition entitled Vaissandando ...
Who am i catarina paulo

Who Am I? – Catarina Paulo Exhibition at Mona Ideas Store, Lisbon

“And I? And I? And I? We are the monsters of culture,” explains Catarina Paulo, the artist behind a new pop art exhibition on pop culture icons. The icons in the show represent some of the most recognizable faces in our daily lives and others we grew up with. Can you guess who they are? Who Am I? runs through 15 April at the Mona Ideas Store in Lisbon.