Christian Lacroix Mude

Kaleidoscope: The Couture of Christian Lacroix at MUDE in Lisbon

Couture fashion is celebrated with a new exhibition cycle at MUDE – Museum of Design and Fashion, Francisco Capelo Collection in Lisbon. Pieces representing an individual designer in the collection are featured in single shows. French designer Cristian Lacroix is the first to be showcased. Kaleidoscope: The Couture of Christian Lacroix runs through 30 August 2015.

Ikea’s “A Vida em Casa” at MUDE in Lisbon, through 30 November

Home life is much the same all over the world. Whether in a penthouse apartment, a suburban house, country bungalow or coastal beach house, people have the same dreams and needs. They must eat, sleep, live, bathe, dress, cook and need lots of space for storage! Ikea knows this better than anyone...
MUDE - Japao a Cru

Raw Japan at MUDE, Lisbon, through 8 February 2015

Two concurrent exhibitions at MUDE, the Museum of Design and Fashion presents cultural and design items from early 20th century Japan. Boro – Um Tecido de Vida (Boro: The Fabric of Life) and Puras Formas (Pure Forms) examine the preservation of material resources, reuse or...