ModaLisboa Kiss Nair Xavier

ModaLisboa KISS | Winter 2017 – Nair Xavier

Imagine a hip holiday on a Greek isle in the 1960s. Welcome to Kalymnos, Nair Xavier’s inspiration for her Winter 2017 collection. The island of Kalymnos has a heritage for living off the sea and, particularly, the lost profession of sponge diving. Pieces in this collection are inspired by...
ModaLisboa Kiss, lisbon Fashion Week

ModaLisboa KISS – Lisbon Fashion Week, Fall/Winter 16/17

A kiss is something that never goes out of style. So, to celebrate their 25th anniversary, ModaLisboa (also known as Lisbon Fashion Week) is sending out kisses to designers, manufacturers, retailers and fashionistas. ModaLisboa KISS, a showcase of Portuguese designer collections for Fall/Winter 16/17 is set for 10-13 March at Paáio da Galé.

ModaLisboa THE TIMERS | Summer 2016 – Nair Xavier

High-wasted pants, jumpsuits and long jackets. Nair Xavier takes a touch of early 20th century style and fuses it with a heavy dose of personal creativity and 21st century attitude, in her menswear collection for Spring/Summer 2016 at ModaLisboa THE TIMERS. Natural fiber fabrics in a palette of gray, beige and khaki green prevail, with pale blue and olive green accent pieces.