obidos vila natal

Óbidos Vila Natal 2016 – 30 November to 1 January

Once upon a time in a little Portuguese village, there was a Christmas party with all of the children’s favorite fairy tale characters!  For 2016 the theme is Story Book Christmas.  So, Moms and Dads and Grandma and Grandpa, as well as all of the kids...
hotel rio do Prado Óbidos Portugal

Rio do Prado – Chic & Sustainable Retreat in Óbidos

Rio do Prado is a hotel with a specific intention: get away from your stressful life and enjoy a comfortable modern retreat strategically set to take advantage of all the calming benefits of nature. Located an hour north of Lisbon and just a kilometer away from the Óbidos lagoon, the hotel offers experiences catering to physical and emotional needs while staying true to a sustainable environment.
Evolutee hotel royal obidos spa golf resort portugal

Evolutee Hotel at Royal Óbidos Spa & Golf Resort

The Royal Óbidos Spa & Golf Resort has a lot to celebrate. the luxury resort has a world-class hotel. The five-star Evolutee Hotel with spa, conference rooms and Philippe Stark design, is a perfect getaway for weekend retreats or longer-term relaxation.
obidos chocolate festival

Oppidum Ginja de Óbidos – Drink a Ginja, Eat the Cup

Ginja are funny little fruit. They look like cherries. They grow on trees like cherries. They have pits like cherries. But, ginja are much more sour than cherries. This bitterness really makes the fruit almost inedible. Yet, today, a liquor produced using this fruit is a traditional favorite among Portuguese. And, the makers of Oppidum Ginga de Óbidos have helped create a national obsession.