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ModaLisboa TOGETHER – Spring | Summer 2017 – Olga Noronha

We love us some Olga Noronha! Every season, her collection is one that we get tickled to see. Her creativity is delightful. Her enthusiasm is infectious. For this season, Noronha makes her statement in the form of laser cut metal bustiers, collars, skirts, ...

ModaLisboa KISS | Winter 2017 – Olga Noronha

Season after season, we fall deeper in love with Olga Noronha. She applies a very unique artistry to her fashion design, creating pieces that mesmerizing and beautiful, even if they might not be practical to wear for a quick trip to the grocery store.
ModaLisboa Kiss, lisbon Fashion Week

ModaLisboa KISS – Lisbon Fashion Week, Fall/Winter 16/17

A kiss is something that never goes out of style. So, to celebrate their 25th anniversary, ModaLisboa (also known as Lisbon Fashion Week) is sending out kisses to designers, manufacturers, retailers and fashionistas. ModaLisboa KISS, a showcase of Portuguese designer collections for Fall/Winter 16/17 is set for 10-13 March at Paáio da Galé.
olga noronha the timers

ModaLisboa THE TIMERS | Summer 2016 – Olga Noronha

Olga Noronha has quickly become the sweetheart of ModaLisboa through her fantasy theatrics, not just in presentation but in the designs themselves. Ok. You may not wear a braided hair cage to meet your friends for coffee, but there’s no denying Noronha’s exuberance and creativity. The architecture in her construction and the originality of her vision will, no doubt, pave the way for a bright future in...