Vila Vita Parc Cave de Vinhos wine cellar

Cave de Vinhos – Secret Wine Cellar at Vila Vita Parc

It’s hidden underground. It’s only open a few hours each day. Its guardian has years of specialist training. And, it holds vast treasures collected from around the world. This very special place is located below the grassy knolls on the cliffs above the sea in the western Algarve. It is the Cave de Vinhos at VILA VITA Parc.
Vila Vita Parc Biergarten in Porches, Algarve, Portugal

Biergarten – A Bit of Bavaria in Porches, Algarve

Sentimental for schnitzel? Passionate for potato pancakes? Sweet tooth for strudel? If you a happen to be in the Algarve, you’re in luck! The Biergarten in Porches is a charming restaurant serving delicious international cuisine with a strong German accent.