Sculptures of Nogueira Lopes at Vale do Lobo Gallery

Lisbon’s prestigious Galeria São Mamede, presents new works from Portuguese sculptor Agostinho Nogueira Lopes at the Vale do Lobo gallery in the Algarve. The figures, shaped in wood, explore dimensions of the human face, combined with...
Jorge Vieira sao mamede

Jorge Vieira Sculptures & Drawings at Galeria São Mamede, Lisbon

Works by one of Portugal’s most distinguished modern artists, Jorge Vieira, are on exhibit at Lisbon’s renowned Galeria São Mamede. Entitled Sculpture and Drawing, the exhibition presents a set of sculptures and high quality designs by the acclaimed artist. The exhibition opens 24 May and runs through 27 June.
JOH Galeria São Mamede

Works by JOH & Benvindo de Carvalho at Galeria São Mamede in Lisbon

Two Portuguese contemporary artists are featured in an exhibition at Lisbon's renowned Galeria São Mamede. New works by Benvindo de Carvalho and selected pieces from the library of JOH are presented throughout February. The public is invited to the opening of the exhibition on Thursday, 28 January at 19:00.
Evelina Oliveira Nuno Santiago

Nuno Santiago & Evelina Oliveira – Galeria São Mamede, Lisbon

A double exhibition, featuring two superb Portuguese modern artists, mark the opening of the autumn art season at Galeria São Mamede in Lisbon. Abstract expressionist Nuno Santiago and surrealist Evelina Oliveira present new works expressing individual interpretations into their memories and soul. The works remain on display at the gallery through 14 October.