Jorge Vieira sao mamede

Jorge Vieira Sculptures & Drawings at Galeria São Mamede, Lisbon

Works by one of Portugal’s most distinguished modern artists, Jorge Vieira, are on exhibit at Lisbon’s renowned Galeria São Mamede. Entitled Sculpture and Drawing, the exhibition presents a set of sculptures and high quality designs by the acclaimed artist. The exhibition opens 24 May and runs through 27 June.

Sculptures by Radovan Živný in the Gardens of VILA VITA Parc

VILA VITA Parc's celebrated gardens will be even more tempting during Summer 2015. That’s because an exhibition of sculptures by renowned Czech artist Radovan Živný, grace the landscape of the luxury resort. Now living in Monchique Algarve, Živný sculpted these contemporary works of wood especially for the beautiful ocean front venue. Živný’s works are on display through September 2015.
luis queimadela uno, public art aveiro,

Public Art of Luís Queimadela in Aveiro

For those who love the artistry of urban landscapes, the city of Aveiro is a fantastic feast for the eyes. As you walk around the city center, you can’t help but notice an impressive collection of contemporary public art. These square-face, block-body sculptures are the works of Luis Queimadela.

“Les Dresseurs” – Works by Pedro Valdez Cardoso in Porto

Contemporary artist Pedro Valdez Cardoso has a unique way of expressing himself. With everyday consumer products for materials, he finds a way to blend classical styles of art and design, with iconography of folk and tribal art. Valdez Cardoso’s next show is at the Galeria Presença in Porto, 16 September to 29 October.