quinta da Geia boutique rural hotel central portugal

Quinta da Geia – Boutique Rural Hotel in Central Portugal

Central Portugal is teeming with quaint, boutique rural hotels in old villages, across the countryside and along the mountain slopes. Typically offering old world charm mixed with modern amenities, these retreats are excellent places to escape for a weekend or indulge in a long holiday.
Casa das Penhas Douradas, Serra da Estrela, boutique hotel portugal

Casa das Penhas Douradas – Modern Mountain Resort in Serra da Estrela

Sitting on top of one of Portugal’s highest peaks in the Serra da Estrela mountains, is a resort hotel unlike any other in the country. Casa das Penhas Douradas is truly a place to escape everyday routine, to relax, enjoy, explore and appreciate the stillness, solitude and beauty of the top of the world.
burel factory manteigas

Burel Factory – Functional Fabric Becomes Fashionable

Something about this place really intrigued us. It was the brightly-colored thick woolen fabric used on the furniture as upholstery, on the floor as rugs, on the table as placemats, and on the bed as blankets. As it turns out, this fabric is Burel, made in the factory just down the hill. This is the story…