Andy Warhol, "Nine Jackies"

Sonnabend Collection, Part 1 at Serralves in Porto, through 8 May

Ileana Sonnabend is considered one of the most influential art dealers of the last half of the Twentieth Century. She amassed a collection of contemporary art covering numerous movements, from pop art and minimalism, to arte povera and nouveau realism. The Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art inaugurates a major exhibition...
Serralves Under the Clouds sob neves

“Under the Clouds” Exhibition at Serralves in Porto, through 20 September

The mushroom cloud, symbol of the atomic bomb, meets the virtual cloud of the information age in a new exhibition at Serralves Contemporary Art Museum in Porto. “Under the Clouds” explores the interrelated effects and affects of these two clouds on life, work, leisure, love, and on images, bodies, and minds.
Walls to the People, virtual Art Exhibit, Casa de Serralves, João Paulo Feliciano

Walls to the People – Virtual Art Via Smartphone at Serralves in Porto

Art and technology converge in a new exhibition at the Casa de Serralves in Porto. “Walls to the People,” created by artist João Paulo Feliciano with the support of SIM - Movement for Creativity in Portugal by Samsung, is the first installation of augmented reality in Portugal. The high-tech virtual art exhibit runs through 3 June 2012.