lost warhols vilamoura omey projects

The Lost Warhols: Andy Goes Street in Vilamoura

In Summer 2017, Andy Warhol goes street!....only in Vilamoura! Beginning 16 June, a very special multi-faceted art event takes place in-and-around the world-famous Vilamoura marina. Algarve-based Omey Projects, in association with Vilamoura World, bring together...
Maria Inaginario Underdogs

Maria Imaginário Exhibition at Underdogs Gallery in Lisbon

Maria Imaginário “A Mind of Its Own” is based on the Portuguese urban artist’s observations and personal life experiences. It’s a visual depiction of how the artist imagines our thoughts and ideas playing out in our heads, with each expression and feeling having a life of its own. “A Mind of Its Own” runs through 13 February at the Underdogs Gallery in Lisbon.
Wool 2015 Pantonio

WOOL Urban Art Festival: Pantónio & Samina Works in Covilhã

Thanks to WOOL: The Urban Art Festival of Covilhã, the central Portugal city has become a showcase for intriguing works by national and international street artists. Just recently, 20-26 October, a special edition of WOOL saw two internationally known Portuguese artists transform the façades of two traditional buildings into large format...
Milu Correch Fundao Wool woolfest

Urban Art in Fundão by Milu Correch and WOOL

Wool, our favorite promoters of urban art in Portugal, have produced another metropolitan masterpiece. This time, it’s a work by Argentine artist Milu Correch. The two-story mural was commissioned by CALE – Fundão Street Festival, as part of their annual summer celebration. The work remains on permanent display on the...