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ModaLisboa TOGETHER – Spring | Summer 2017 – Valentim Quaresma

Over the years, the Valentim Quaresma presentation has become one of the most highly anticipated shows at ModaLisboa. The theatrics, the styling, and of course, the immense creativity involved in his collection always makes for an exciting, sexy and awe-inspiring experience.
ModaLisboa Kiss Valentim Quaresma

ModaLisboa KISS | Winter 2017 – Valentim Quaresma

Valentim Quaresma has made a name for himself by designing unique, rich and luxurious high-fashion accessories. His headpieces, belts, necklaces, bracelets and more are individually works of art unto themselves. His latest collection, for Winter 2017, are architectural works featuring elements of strength found in nature such as stag horns, turtles and eagles, surrounded by intricate design detail.
ModaLisboa Kiss, lisbon Fashion Week

ModaLisboa KISS – Lisbon Fashion Week, Fall/Winter 16/17

A kiss is something that never goes out of style. So, to celebrate their 25th anniversary, ModaLisboa (also known as Lisbon Fashion Week) is sending out kisses to designers, manufacturers, retailers and fashionistas. ModaLisboa KISS, a showcase of Portuguese designer collections for Fall/Winter 16/17 is set for 10-13 March at Paáio da Galé.
Valentim Quaresmo ModaLisboa TIMERS

ModaLisboa THE TIMERS | Summer 2016 – Valentim Quaresma

Under the theme “Habitat”, fashion accessories designer Valentim Quaresma creates a menagerie of flora and fauna found in natural habitats in our environment. Dragon flies dangle from necks, organic-like frameworks hug torsos, red coral hangs around shoulders and turquoise beads wrap around heads and bodies.