For many, books are a source for entertainment or information. For others, books are a form of inspiration. Now at the Museum Calouste Gulbenkian in Lisbon, books are celebrated more for their artistic expression than their literary content. The exhibition Tarefas Infinitas: Quando a Arte e o Livro Se Ilimitam (Infinite Tasks: When Art and Books are Limitless), through 21 October 2012.



Tarefas Infinitas is organized by the museum, in collaboration with the Library of Art and curated Paulo Pires do Vale. The exhibition aims to explore how books can be appreciated, not only for their informative content, but for their beauty and artistic creativity. Pieces in the collection are not limited to actual bound books, but also depictions of books in paintings, films, sculptures and installations.

Tarifas Infinitas, O ciclópico acto, calouste gulbenkian,

O ciclópico acto, Luiza Neto Jorge (1939-1989); Jorge Martins (1940), FCG – Biblioteca de Arte [LA 127] © Jorge Martins, SPA, 2012 | Foto: Carlos Azevedo

In this exhibition, illuminated medieval books sit alongside contemporary artist’s books, illustrated books of the seventeenth century are displayed next to conceptual books of the twentieth century, devotional books from the Middle Ages contrast with books depicting the future.

Tarifas Infinitas, Cent mille milliards de poèmes de Raymond Queneau,

Cent Mille Milliards de Poèmes, de Raymond Queneau, FCG – Biblioteca de Arte – LT 6664 © Raymond Queneau, ADAGP, 2012 | Foto: Carlos Azevedo

Among others, the exhibition features works by:

Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso ■ Ana Hatherly ■ Vieira da Silva ■ Lourdes Castro ■ Alberto Carneiro ■ Fernando Rock ■ Ed Ruscha ■ Filippo Marinetti ■ Stéphane Mallarmé ■ Jean-Luc Godard ■ William Kentridge ■ Gordon Matta-Clark ■ Lawrence Weiner ■ Bas Jan Adar ■ Diogo Pepper ■ Joseph Stair ■ John Latham ■ Robert Filliou ■ Christian Boltanski ■ Olafur Eliasson.

Tarifas Infinitas - Walls paper, calouste gulbenkian, arte lisboa,

Walls Paper, Gordon Matta-Clark (1943-1978), Coleção Teixeira de Freitas [LIV-0086] Foto: Carlos Azevedo

For more information, visit the Museu Colouste Gulbenkian website.

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