Much has been said about O Melhor Bolo do Chocolate do Mundo (The Best Chocolate Cake in the World). Even Portugal Confidential lauded its oo-ey, goo-oy chocolate-y goodness in our report here. But now, there’s a new cake finding its way into the hearts–and stomachs–of dessert lovers in Portugal. And, it comes with very grandiose name, and a claim: O Melhor Pão de Ló do Universo (The Best Pão de Ló in the Universe)!

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Pão de Ló is a centuries-old traditional dish of Portugal. Basically, it is a sponge cake made of egg yolks, sugar and flour. Numerous towns and regions around Portugal have become known for their own variations of this cake.

As for O Melhor Pão de Ló do Universe, the story goes this way. Attending a gastronomic weekend in the north, Lagrimas Hotels Group CEO Miguel Júdice and Public Relations Director Raquel Rodrigues stopped in at Casa do Pão de Lo in Raia. It was here they first discovered the cake prepared with artisan pride by owner António Oliveira. It was a “eureka” moment for Júdice and Rodrigues.

o melhor pao de lo do universo

Full Cake

The two took the cake to gastronomic experts and critics and asked them, “Is this the best Pão de Ló in the Universe?” The culinary jury licked their lips and agreed. And with that, a new brand is born: O Melhor Pão de Ló do Universo.

Lagrimas Group has now put this Pão de Ló in the menus in their hotels and restaurants, including:

Vila Monte – Algarve
Quinta das Lágrimas Hotel – Coimbra
Cafetaria do Mosteiro de Santa Clara -a-Velha – Coimbra
Loggia Restaurant at Museu Nacional Machado de Castro- Coimbra
Cantina da Estrela at Hotel da Estrela – Lisbon
Café Ciência at Pavilhão do Conhecimento – Lisbon
Hotel Infante de Sagres – Porto

o melhor pao de lo do universo chocolate

Chocolate Version of O Melhor Pão do Ló

O Melhor Pão do Ló comes in two flavors, plain egg and chocolate. If you would like to take an entire cake home to your friends or family, they can be bought for €25. For more information, visit the O Melhor Pão de Ló website.


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