The Berardo Collection Museum presents the notable installation The Clock by California artist Christian Marclay.  This unique work consisting of thousands of film clips depicting the passage of time is 24 hours in length and will screen from 5 March to 19 April.  The Berardo has programmed special days during the exhibition for visitors to view the film in its entirety.



The Clock (2010) is edited and screened in “real time”, with each scene containing an indication of time (such as a timepiece or dialogue) that is synchronized to the actual time of day of the presentation.  Despite using a vast variety of periods, contexts and film genres, in many different narratives, The Clock moves forward at a surprising rhythmic pace.

Here is a brief clip from the The Clock

Marclay, who is well known for his video works, also uses a variety of media (including sculpture, photography, collage, painting and performance), and often creates virtuous audiovisual collages constructed from movie fragments.  Some notable works include: Telephones (1995), a montage of film clips from Hollywood that show characters talking on the phone; Video Quartet (2002), a four-channel video projection presenting a montage of film clips showing people playing instruments, singing, or performing actions that generate noise (e.g. knocking on a door); and Crossfire (2007), a four channel video surrounding the viewer with clips of actors handling and discharging guns directly at the viewer.

Visitors may watch The Clock during normal museum hours.  However, on 5 March, the Berardo will run the film continuously from 22:00, until 22 the next day.  As well, on 7 and 28 of March and 18 of April, the Berardo will be open for 33 hours from 10:00 until 19:00 the following day.

For more information, visit the Berardo Collection Museum website.

Museu Colecção Berardo
Praça do Império
1449-003 Lisbon

Phone: +351 213 612 878

Exhibition Hours:  Tuesday to Sunday – 10:00 to 19:00

Entrance is free

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