Vincent dupont haus cris

Vincent Dupont, Haus Cris

For the fifth year, the city of Porto becomes a giant stage for performing arts during the TRAMA Festival, scheduled for 14-17 October 2010

Organized by the Serralves Foundation and Brr_Live Art, the festival brings unique acts of dance, music and theatre to various locations around the city.  From public walkways to the monastery, and from museum auditorium to hotel lobbies, this artistic form of expression brings entertainment and intrigue to audiences of all ages. 

Based in the experimental, TRAMA aims at surprising audiences with intense, innovative performances, by interesting artists from all over the world.  The program is flexible and using the beautiful city of Porto as a backdrop.

Artists and projects already confirmed (click on name to visit artist website): 

Regina Vs. contemporary Art - Paulo Castro

Regina vs. Contemporary Art

Vincent Dupont  (France)
– Haus Cris (miniature)”)

Paul Castro  (Portugal)
– Regina vs. Contemporary Art

Christina Kubisch (Germany)
 Electric Walks

Thomas Köner (Germany)
The Futurist Manifesto & La Barca

Beatriz Albuquerque  & Albuquerque Mendes  (Portugal)
Love Me Tender

Dirty Honkers (Germany)

For latest performances and schedules, contact the Serralves TRAMA Festival web page.

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