These days, any mention of a new exhibition or work from Vhils gets art aficionados excited. In early 2018, eyes are focused on Galeria Vera Cortes in Lisbon for an interactive installation from the Portuguese urban artist (aka Alexandre Farto). The exhibition, entitled Intrínsico opens 1 February and runs through 17 March.



Intrínseco is a large-scale installation consuming the entire space of the gallery. Flexible and transparent PVC sheets hang from the ceiling. Together, the pieces create an interative representation, enabling the visitor to wander among the various scenic components that create the overall single work.

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As Vhils describes, “Intrínseco is a reflection on our surface. That which is opaque and that which is transparent. What allows us to see and what allows us to absorb or be absorbed. The constant flow of influences in this day and age, in which none of the things that form us, makes us be. The emptiness of what constitutes us and forms us. The reflection of a global world that gives us so much yet in the end makes us transparent and leaves us confused. The accumulation of layers that try to form us ends up deforming us. From collectivism to individualism. Of the visceral and its relativity. Of what we renounce in the name of our comfort.”

For more information, visit the Galeria Vera Cortes website.

Galeria Vera Cortês
Rua João Saraiva 16
First Floor

Phone: 00351 213 950 177
Mobile: 00351 962 214 670

Tuesday to Friday – 14:00 to 19:00
Saturday – 10:00 to 13:00 and 14:00 to 19:00

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