Now in its fifth edition, Walk & Talk, public art festival in Ponta Delgada, Azores, promises another exciting, interesting and entertaining cultural program. More than 60 artists, collectives, curators, speakers and experts will decorate local structures, exhibit in public spaces, and educate in workshops and seminars across the city. Walk & Talk 2015 takes place 17 July to 1 August.



From visual arts and lectures, to performing arts and architecture, Walk&Talk Festival is based on an artistic residency model that encourages creativity in tandem with public space, local culture and population. Its goal is to defy standard concepts of high and low culture, by introducing well-known contemporary artists with new local talent, to bring establish new contexts within the arts and culture universe.

Alexandre Farto aka Vhils will be on hand, as will other significant artists such as Pastel, Brad Downey, Never 2501, André da Loba and Filippo Minelli. They will share Walk&Talk´s public art circuit line-up with other prominent artists via murals, temporary art installations and architecture projects.

Alexandre Farto aka Vhils,

From previous edition of Walk & Talk: Alexandre Farto aka Vhils, Portugal, 2011 Arco8 ©OrgW&T

Walk & Talk opens 17 July with a performance project that joins Portuguese António Pedro Lopes with the New York collective Cheryl in a street party inspired by Azorean ethnography.

Walk&Talk’s Art Residency Program includes nine thematic artistic residencies in different areas of expression such as contemporary dance, performance, arts and crafts, architecture, photography, video, design and land art. 25 artists in total will participate including choreographer Luís Guerra, photographer Sandra Rocha and designer Nuno Coelho.

Giacomo Mezzadri Italy 2013

From previous edition of Walk & Talk: Giacomo Mezzadri Italy 2013

Also included in the program is a collective exhibition curated by João Pedro Vale and Nuno Alexandre Ferreira, bringing together 17 Portuguese artists to address issues related to movement of people and goods in a globalized system.

For more information, visit the Walk & Talk website.

Walk & Talk 2015
Larga da São João
Ponta Delgada
São Miguel

Sunday through Friday – 10:00 to 01:00
Saturdays – 10:00 to 06:00

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