Urban Art is quickly evolving in to a respected international form of creative expression. What started out as spray-painted graffiti has now matured into works of art that are planned out, often times with the support of local government and communities. Today, this public art is much appreciated and much celebrated. In fact, in the city of Ponta Delgada, in the Azores, public art is the focus of a dedicated festival running from 12-27 July. It’s known as Walk & Talk.

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Local artists Jesse James and Diana Sousa founded Walk & Talk (also known as Anda & Fala in Portuguese). Since then, the mulit-dimensional event has become an annual tradition on the island of São Miguel. Walls of factories, city benches, façades of homes and the streets themselves have been transformed into works of art.

For 2013, over 50 artists from across the globe will descend on Ponta Delgada to create works ranging from large scale murals and sculptures, to installations and video creations. Performance art is also planned during the event.

walk & talk azores, anda & fala açores,

Vanessa Branco (Portugal), Next to Jardim Antonio Borges, Walk & Talk 2012

walk & talk azores, anda & fala açores,

Vhils (Portugal), Canada Mata Mulheres, Fajã de Cima, Walk & Talk 2012

During the festival, routes are devised throughout the city that best showcase the works on display as well as provide a participatory experience for guests.

walk & talk azores, anda & fala açores,

Topo (Venezuela) – Rua do Castilho

For those with an interest in learning and practicing this unique art, Walk & Talk features a Graffiti Workshop with Portuguese artists José Geraldo & Artur Silva. The two “courses” will take place 19 & 20 July – 17:30 to 20:30, and 26 & 27 July – 14:30 to 18:30. Space is limited. Registration closes 9 July.

walk & talk azores, anda & fala açores,

Ivan Ferreira & Andre Vieira (Portugal), along Av Marginal, Walk & Talk 2012

For more information, visit the Walk & Talk website.

Walk & Talk
Ponta Delgada
São Miguel

Email:  organization@walktalkazores.org
Email for Artists:  artists@walktalkazores.org
Email for Funding:  movement@walktalkazores.org

Phone: +351 918 585 442
Phone: +351 914 906 099

Walk & Talk needs your support. There are various ways to contribute at this website.

Want to see more Urban Art in portugal?  Visit our page Wool – Urban Art in Covilhã.



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