We are very excited to once again go on the road to discover WHAT’S COOL ABOUT CENTRAL PORTUGAL. From Monday, 12 November to Friday the 16th, our gracious hosts, Turismo de Central de Portugal will show us very special places, traditional and modern products and cool, fun activities. No doubt, we’ll meet quite a few interesting people along the way too.

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Day 1 actually begins in Lisbon. It is here, in Chiado, that a new store has opened selling a very unique product: burel. Avid readers of Portugal Confidential will remember that we visited the Burel Factory in Manteigas, in central Portugal, last March. We learned that burel is actually a fabric woven from sheep wool in a technique developed by Portuguese mountain shepherds. Today, the fabric is reborn with contemporary colors and innovative design. The shop in Chiado carries bags, coats, blankets and wall coverings all made from this material.

loja burel shop chiado, burel manteigas,

Inside the Burel Store in Chiado

After lunch, we’ll step into the new Lisbon office of Microsoft. This contemporary space in Parque das Naçoes has covered their walls with burel.

Afterwards, we take off on the road to Caria. We will check into Casa Passado de Pedra, look around the area a little, and have a quiet dinner.

Casa Passada de Pedra

Casa Passada de Pedra

We will be uploading photos and comments all day to the Portugal Confidential Facebook Page, Twitter, Foursquare and Pinterest. So….follow us!!



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