Looking for something to do in the Algarve that is kind of cool….and kind of weird? Want to have fish give you a foot massage? This popular and peculiar pedicure trend from Asia is quickly spreading across western Europe and North America. And now, there’s one in the western Algarve.



At Wonder Fish Foot Spa, in Praia da Luz, you can drop in for a toe-tickling good time. And, you’ll walk out with soft skin and feeling refreshed. Huh? How does that work?

wonder fish foot spa algarve portugal garra rufa

Wonder Fish Foot Spa in Praia da Luz

Imagine sitting on a bench and dropping your feet into an aquarium filled with little fish with big mouths. These fish, called garra rufa, gorge themselves on the dry dead skin on your feet. The result is soft, healthy skin. It is also suggested that these little suckers stimulate acupressure points, keeping your nervous system in check and relaxing the body. No worries about germs, the whole process follows a strict hygiene regime.

The garra rufa is part of the cypriniformes family of fish, hailing from Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran. Using these fish in the form of foot therapy in public baths began in 1800’s in this region. In the 1950’s and 1960’s several resorts and spas were built attracting visitors from all over the world seeking treatment for skin disorders, such as psoriasis and calluses. With this, the garra rufa also became known as “doctor fish.”

garra rufa foot pedicure massage at wonder fish alagrve

Foot Massage in Action

Visit the Wonder Fish Foot Spa website for more information and to learn about any promotions.

Wonder Fish Foot Spa
Montes da Luz
Lote 4, Loja U
8600-128 Praia da Luz
Western Algarve

Phone: +351 282 788 797
Email: info@thewonderfishspa.com

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