Our friends at innovative company 100ml Perfumaria & Cosmética are always on the lookout for gaps in the market in which to create and introduce unique product. So, how about a grooming product for men, steeped in Portuguese tradition, yet cool-enough for the contemporary man. Et Voila! Antiga Barbearia de Bairro is born, evoking a mixture of the best qualities of the Douro region with the masculine tradition of the Portuguese barbershop.

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The heritage of the Portuguese barbershop, in the center of an old neighborhood surrounded by calçada streets, is as much a part of Portuguese culture as fado and Port wine. Traditional shops were the meeting point and bonding opportunity for men requiring a cut and a shave. Each visit developed into discussions on local news and an exchange of opinions, as a bristle brush spread aromatic soap lather across rugged Portuguese faces.

This is the spirit of the line that reinterprets this classic experience. The Antiga Barbearia shave brush is made of imitation badger bristles, with 75% more bristle volume than in traditional barbershop brushes. The hand piece is wood and painted with bordeaux and yellow lacquer. The brush is beautifully presented and stored in a sliding lid wooden box (built by a manufacturer of wine cases).

Antiga Barbearia Shave Brush men's grooming product portuguese 100ml

Antiga Barbearia Shave Brush

To accompany the brush, there are shave, hand and bath soaps. These yellow Ribeira soaps embody the pure essence of Porto and the Douro River with a woody citrus aroma. The original scent has notes of cedar and sandalwood, with hints of bergamot, bitter orange, musk, and a touch of labdanum. 100ml describes it as “a strong and individual fragrance which reminds us of the harmonic combination of vegetation, with the architectural identity of the surrounding buildings.”

Ribeira Products from Antiga Barearia de Bairro, men's trendy shaving products Portugal

Ribeira Products from Antiga Barearia de Bairro

To complete the “heritage” of the product, packaging is designed to be wholly-representative of the city of the Ribeira district. Ochers, tans and browns reflect the tones of the buildings and roofs facing the Douro. Intricate wrought iron trellis work from balconies, as well as the filigree design from the Luis I bridge, are emulated in the wrapper art. It is truly Portuguese through-and-through.

If you’re not a Ribeira kind of guy…perhaps you’re more suited to Principe Real. This soap product is inspired by the green gardens and the blue architecture of this prime neighborhood in Lisbon. This scent is wood and spices, with some hints of amber, vanilla and touches of citrus.

Shave brushes range in price from €22.00 to €33.00, depending if you want a standard or traditional lacquered hand piece. A tin of shaving soap is €14.90. Soaps prices are €6.90 for 150g and €9.90 for 350g. Definitely cool and unique products to use at home or give as gifts. And, they’re made in Portugal!

Antiga Barbearia is sold in concept and home décor stores as well as Portuguese gift shops. To find a store near you, contact Luis or Catarina at 100ml (see below). For more information on this product, visit the Antiga Barbearia de Bairro website.

Antiga Barbearia de Bairro
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