How Do We Say Design in Portuguese? – Exhibition at MUDE in Lisbon & Casa das Culturas in Paredes

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Originally debuting at Beijing Design Week in autumn of 2014, the exhibition How Do We Say Design in Portuguese? returns to Portugal to showcase home-grown creativity by some of the country’s best known designers, and architects. Two venues host this exhibition intended to be …


Carnival 2015 in Funchal, Madeira – 11-18 February

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Carnival season is here…and no one celebrates these pre-Lenten festivities quite like the city and people of Funchal on Madeira Island. For eight days, the city is decorated with in festive colors and lights. Residents and visitors alike flood the streets in brightly adorned costumes.


K.O.B. by Olivier – Top Quality Aged Beef in Lisbon

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Popular restauranteur and chef Oliver da Costa (Guilty!, Olivier Avenida, Yakuza, Honra and Assador) is at it again. He has opened a new restaurant that can be considered the first restaurant of aged beef in Portugal. It’s K.O.B. by Olivier. The K.O.B. stands for “Knowledge of Beef”…

Night Life

Radio Hotel – Premium Night Club in Lisbon

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Radio Hotel in Lisbon ticks every box in defining what a trendy, chill bar lounge should be: futuristic space-age design; big comfy sofas; indirect mood lighting glowing from walls and decorative objects; and let’s not forget, the all important electronic rhythmic beat permeating the room.


Hotel da Música – Melodic & Modern Design Hotel in Porto

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The Hotel da Música, just a stone’s throw away from the Casa da Música concert hall, considers itself a symphony of modernity, comfort, culture, cuisine and tradition. Music is the design inspiration here. Music staff and notes are painted on walls, portraits of composers hang in appreciation…


By the Wine – José Maria da Fonseca Tasting Room in Lisbon

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A new spot in the trendy Chiado neighborhood of Lisbon is an ideal place to meet friends, relax after a day of shopping, and try some delicious wines made in Portugal. By the Wine is the first “flagship store” of famed Portuguese vintner José Maria da Fonseca. Wines by the glass and …

Cool Things

Firemen of Setúbal Calendar 2015

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They’re at it again. The hunky firefighters in Setubal (Bombeiros de Setubal) have released a new calendar for 2015. In 2014, the organization decided to shoot a beefcake calendar to draw attention…and financial support…to local charities. The calendar was such a huge success that…

Confidentially Speaking…

Confidentially Speaking…Diogo Morgado

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A heart-throb on Portuguese TV since 1998, Diogo Morgado is now a bonafide international film and TV star, thanks in part to his role as “Jesus Christ” in the miniseries The Bible. With new film projects and an American TV series in the works, Morgado is on a rocket-powered career trajectory…


Guava Shoes Masai Collection for Spring/Summer 2015

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Portuguese designed and manufactured shoe brand Guava are taking a trip to Africa for Spring/Summer 2015. The look for the season is inspired by the Masai society’s affinity for bright, multi-colored garments. Some leopard prints are added to the collection and complete the African feel.


Lacoste Flagship Store on Avenida da Liberdade in Lisbon

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Avenida da Liberdade, the avenue of luxury shops in Lisbon, continues to blossom. The newest international brand to open a flagship store is French lifestyle brand Lacoste. The shop at #38H carries collections for men, women and children, featuring fashions, footwear, eyewear…..