O Teu Corpo É O Meu Corpo at Berardo Museum, thru 27 September

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O Teu Corpo É O Meu Corpo (Your Body Is My Body) is an exhibition of the vast collection of political and art posters of Ernesto de Sousa. Hundreds of posters, dating from 1933 to 1988, provide a broad overview of the cultural production of the neo-avant-garde in Portugal and Europe. O Teu Corpo É O Meu Corpo is on…


Fine Wines & Food Fair 2015 – VILA VITA Parc, Algarve, 6-10 May

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A galaxy of Michelin stars converge in the Algarve for five full, delicious nights of gastronomic excellence. The VILA VITA Parc Fine Wines & Food Fair, is a gourmet festival rarely experienced anywhere in the world. This opportunity to sample superior cuisine and fine wines from across Europe is set for 6-10 May.


Mèm – Creative Mediterranean Cuisine, near Loulé

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“Mèm” is short for the Portuguese word “mesmo”, which in Algarvian slang is an exclamation for “it’s that!” or “indeed!” And, indeed, the team at Mèm intend to make a lasting impression via creative cuisine, cozy ambiance and an envious hillside location with spectacular views to the sea.

Night Life

Complete List of Algarve Nightclubs, Lounges & Discos

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This is our list of the coolest Algarve bars, lounges, discos and nightclub. In the list are trendy lounges, beach bars, and late night discos. Schedules will vary throughout the season. And, most clubs have themed party nights.


Six Senses Douro Valley – Riverside Retreat

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Six Senses Douro Valley is a massive resort on the southern banks of the River Douro.  The Douro region is well-known for its production of quality wine.  The resort takes full advantage of this location sitting beside centuries-old vineyards, and providing lush gardens and natural…


MEO Out Jazz – Outside Summer Music Series in Lisbon

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Summer time in Lisbon JAZZ time! From 2 May to 27 September, the capital is filled with the soulful sounds of jazz. The ninth edition of MEO OutJazz promises to enhance warm summer weekend evenings with cool music performed in the city’s public spaces and gardens. All are welcome every Saturday and Sunday nights starting at 17:00.

Cool Things

Santini Bombons – Chocolate & Ice Cream Delights

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Portuguese of all ages have fond memories of being taken to Santini’s by their parents for ice cream during the warm summer months. In modern times, this delicious ice cream, offered in a range of exotic flavors, has often been called “the best ice cream in the world.” But hold on…

Confidentially Speaking…

Confidentially Speaking…João Sousa

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João Sousa is the most recognized Portuguese face on the professional tennis circuit. At only 26 years old, Sousa is already regarded as Portugal’s greatest tennis player of all time. Sousa grew up in Guimarães, in the far north of Portugal. His father, a judge and avid tennis player…


Portugal Fashion REFLECTOR | Winter 2016 – Fátima Lopes

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Fátima Lopes creates a “Black Rainbow” for Winter 2016. The palette of deep greens, purples, blues and reds, combined with black and gray, make for a dark, evocative, urban and sexy look for the modern man and woman. The architectural silhouette creates unique structure and…


scar.ID – Fashion & Design Store in Porto

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Porto is cool, creative, original and innovative, from fashion and design, to furniture and architecture. A unique design store in the Porto’s Art District, epitomizes these qualities by offering products ideal for the modern urban lifestyle. Scar.id is part shop and part gallery, representing some of the best products from some of…