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News Museum in Sintra

It’s considered the largest media and communication experience in Europe. The News Museum in Sintra, just northwest of Lisbon, takes an interesting look at major events from the past as well as examines many aspects of radio and television news gathering, in general.
Arabian Days Sintra,

Arabian Days Sintra – Summer Oasis of Fun, 13-17 August

For five days this Summer, the enchanted village of Sintra, just north of Lisbon, becomes a vibrant desert oasis complete with middle eastern dancing, music, tastes and products. It’s Arabian Days, 13-17 August in the Largo São Pedro de Penaferrim.
Chalet Condessa d'Edla, Parque da Pena, Sintra

Chalet Condessa d’Edla – Renovated & Re-opened in Sintra

The Chalet was originally built between 1864 and 1869 by King Ferdinand II for his second wife, Elise Hensler, Countess d'Edla. It is modeled on Alpine chalets popular at the time, and it sits in the large Pena Park facing the grand Pena Palace. It was intended as a private recreational house for the Countess.
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Sintra Museum of Modern Art

The magical village of Sintra, just outside Lisbon, is known for being the playground of Portuguese royalty, a Moorish fortress and a World Heritage site. It is also the location of an impressive collection of modern and contemporary art found the Sintra Museum of Modern Art.